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Message from our leaders

"The renewable energy revolution is taking the world by storm and MET Green Assets Division seeks to be part of this global venture. Powered by the conviction that the renewable energy transition is essential to creating a healthy and livable planet for today and future generations, our company is building a pure-play renewables portfolio in Europe with a target capacity of 2 GWs by 2026.

As a dynamic and agile company active in the European renewables scene, we embrace the EU’s ambitions to increase renewable energy expansion targets to accelerate renewables take-up on the continent. While the environmental case for clean energy needs no supporting arguments, the economic arguments in favor of cost-competitive and affordable clean technologies are growing stronger. Economic, climate and security priorities are now aligned toward a cleaner and more secure future.

As part of MET Group, an integrated European energy company active in 15 countries and 30 national gas markets across the continent, MET Green Assets Division can leverage the Group’s Europe-wide sales network, its know-how and understanding of individual markets as well as the financial stability that comes from the private equity approach. We are well-positioned to expand our existing portfolio of solar and wind assets and increase our foothold in key European markets. 

We believe every human being, business, government, and society as a whole is morally obliged to contribute to the global fight to tackle the challenges posed by climate change. We are at a historic turning point and we all need to act to preserve this blue-green planet safe and in balance."