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We are a fully integrated business unit of MET Group, a prominent European energy company headquartered in Switzerland.

The Group operates subsidiaries in 15 countries across Europe and is an active participant in 30 national gas markets as well as 22 international trading hubs.


Building on MET Group’s expertise in natural gas and gas-based power production, we strive to facilitate energy transition to a zero-carbon world.

With a declared focus on onshore wind and solar energy production, the Green Assets Division is present in nine European countries. We seek to increase our foothold in the European renewables market by expanding into additional countries where MET Group has subsidiaries, leveraging our understanding of these markets. We construct and operate solar and wind parks in Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland and Hungary, and actively seek investment opportunities in ready-to-build assets as well as greenfield and brownfield sites. 

Having recognized the challenges presented by weather-dependent green energy production stemming from the strict scheduling requirements in power supply, MET Group has ventured into the battery storage sector as well. We are examining alternative methods of utilizing renewable energy sources, as well as ways to balance weather-dependent, intermittent power generation using optimized, automated algorithms.
Our vision is to become a significant regional player in the European renewable energy market as a green energy developer and provider.